Our eggs are laid by truly free roaming hens as they are allowed to roam outside their hen house during the day


    Our hens feed on a varied vegetarian diet of top quality grain and pulses, free of preservatives, animal by-products and colorants

    Our hens are high quality and healthy and have access to sunshine, living vegetation, exercise, bush foraging and dust-bathing throughout the day

    Our family run farm ensures our hens welfare, health and natural behaviours are always top priority. Our hens are humanely treated at all times

    "At Ou Meul Bakkery quality of product has always been our first priority and our product is only as good as what we put into it. That's where Solitaire Free Range comes in. To sum it up in three words - Quality - consistency - Reliability. Graham and his team are quiet simply leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors." - David Carruthers, Ou Meul Bakkery

    "We at the Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa have been extremely happy with the quality and consistency of Solitaire Eggs. We are also extremely proud to be using eggs that come from a farm that treats the animals in a humane way, and that the hens are allowed to roam free which is very important to us as a company to be supporting companies that focus on humane practices. We would like to see all of our competitor hotels in Cape Town move over to Solitaire Eggs as their way of reducing animal cruelty in the egg market" - Hilton Ruch, The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa

    "Solitaire Eggs have been supplying and delivering eggs to the Knead group for a number of years now. I have found them to be professional and knowledgable about our business. They have great customer focus but most importantly they have an excellent product of which they are justly proud. They are very reactive and offer expert support and especially helpful and accommodating. Graham is very professional, friendly and has a positive attitude, this makes our working with Solitaire that much easier. We therefore commend them to you in the highest regard" - Mark Wildish, Knead

    "I've been fortunate to have been working with your Team for the past 4-5 years. Ever since my visit to the farm, I could see the scope and standard that you were working to achieve it was clear that customer service and quality is very high on the agenda. The company ethos paired with a strong focus on running a smooth business is why we've never looked at other Free Range Egg Supply. The leading Coffee Shop Group that was looking at upping their Free Range status and quality of ingredients did a blind tasting of the 5 leading Artisan Free range egg producers in the Cape. The process was completed before a panel of judges and looked at various cooking methods and how the eggs deliver taste, structure and visual appeal. Solitaire Free Range Eggs came out tops in 80% of the tests" - Deon Van Wyk

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    Solitaire Free Range Egg Farms,
    Hemel & Aarde Valley

    Solitaire Free Range Distribution
    Diep River, Cape Town
    Hermanus, Overberg